Feature Friday: Sodium is Everywhere, but it’s Not in Mushrooms

white button mushrooms Canadian Adults should consume 1,500mg of sodium per day. According to the latest statistics available from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS), the average sodium intake is above the tolerable upper intake level (UL) of 2,400mg. So, on average Canadians are eating 3,092mg of sodium daily, that is double the amount that should be consumed!

What’s the big deal you ask? Excess sodium in our daily diets causes several major health problems. One of the main consequences is increased blood pressure, which is a major factor for cardiovascular disease (which is the #1 cause of death in Canadians).

According to the CCHS data pizza, sandwiches, subs, and hot dogs are the biggest offenders, followed by soup and pasta.

Fresh mushrooms can help slash the sodium!

  • Fresh mushrooms are naturally very low in sodium, with only 4mg per 4 medium sized mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms contain Umami, which helps to boost the flavours of your food, meaning you need less salt to flavour.
  • A 100 g serving of fresh white button mushrooms contain 9% of your Daily Value of potassium. Getting a little more potassium will help counteract the effects of too much sodium on blood pressure.

Adding mushrooms makes a difference:

  • Add ½ cup white button mushrooms to your omelet or scrambled eggs instead of ½ cup cheddar cheese.
    Benefit: save 349 mg sodium.
  • Mix 1 cup of diced grilled portabella mushrooms into pasta or pasta sauce instead of sausage.
    Benefit: save 632 mg sodium.
  • Use ½ cup white button mushrooms with dips instead of corn chips.
    Benefit: save 552 mg sodium.

For more facts on sodium, check out what the Canadian Stroke Network has to say on the Sodium 101 website.

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