Guess Who Loves Mushrooms!

I heard through the grapevine that none other than Ms. Katy Perry has a fascination with fresh mushrooms!

Katy says, “I love mushrooms. I could eat a ton of them. I really love truffles but I hardly ever get them. Mushrooms in general though are so healthy and good for you. I can’t get enough.”

She also says they are her favourite food, and are great for staying slim.

Well, since Katy will soon be marrying vegetarian Russell Brand, I have picked out a few vegetarian mushroom recipes that I think both of them would enjoy!

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger with Mango, Papaya & Avocado Relish, Mushroom Aioli, and Fries
Mushroom, Tomato and Basil Ragout
Balsamic and Chili Glazed Mushrooms with Walnuts


posted by Brittany

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