Questions from You: Remove the Stems?

Q. Do the stems of button mushrooms need to be trimmed before use. Is there any reason to do this?

A. Great question! The stems of button mushroom do not need to be trimmed before you use them. They are trimmed at the farm before being placed in the trays or bulk boxes. Basically the only prep required is a quick rinse under cold water and a pat down with paper towels.

There are other varieties however that should have the stems removed before use (only because they don’t have a pleasant texture), and they are shiitake and portabellas. Mushrooms that need the stems trimmed before use include enoki and oysters.

posted by Brittany

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  • Jim Erskine May 3, 2010   Reply →

    I thought you didn't need to wash mushrooms just use a mushroom brush to clean? Thanks I love mushrooms Jim Erskine

  • Chezpoppy May 3, 2010   Reply →

    I would never wash a mushroom ever!!! use a mushroom brush or a damp towel only. no salt till they are cooked how you like them ok?
    washing them will give you a lot of moisture in the pan like a stir fry!! Not what you want. when you want to saute them for say mushrooms with red wine and cream sauce!! yummy my own recipe!

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