Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Farm

Yesterday I mention on Twitter that I was making a trip to one of our member’s farms, Piccioni Bros, to get some footage for our new series “Fresh from the Farmer“….

I don’t think that I could have asked for a nicer day… although it was -10C with the windchill….

You see, what a lot of people don’t realize is that even though it was -10C mushrooms are still grown fresh, 24/7/365. This is because they are grown in a building like this….

How many of you would have guessed this was a mushroom farm?

Let’s take a little snoop around Lorenzo’s farm….

Like that last picture? It’s mandatory that you sport a hairnet as soon as you walk in the front door… and you have to remove all jewelery.

Lorenzo was a good sport during filming, even though I know he hates being in front of the camera!

The Farmer profile was not my only reason for a trip to Piccioni’s, I also had to pick up 100lbs. of white button mushrooms to be delivered to Guelph Food Technology Centre for some research. Ever wonder what 100lbs. of mushrooms looks like crammed into the trunk of a Toyota Corolla?

Watch for the new “Fresh from the Farmer: Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Farm” coming soon!

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