Highlights of the Week with Michelle

This first week working with Mushrooms Canada has been really interesting and informative. After getting adjusted to the office and some social networking, Brittany and I went to Piccioni Bros. Mushroom farm in Hamilton on Tuesday morning to go check out how they grow their mushrooms, and the process behind everything. I haven’t ever seen or been to a mushroom farm so I assumed that they grew outside, I was way off!!

I learned a lot of interesting facts about mushrooms that I didn’t know before, like how they double in size in 24 hours, and how the weather outside affects the growing process even though they grow indoors. The picking process is a really important job as well, because everything gets graded when the workers place the mushrooms in the containers and then the mushrooms are shipped to the stores. I was also very shocked when I found out that this farm ships out between 36,000- 39,000 lbs of mushrooms a week! I certainly learned that the growing and distribution procedure is a time consuming job that isn’t recognized.

I am excited to see what I learn about next week!

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