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Gina Homolka from Oceanside, NY

How did you get into food blogging?
I fell in love with food photography on lots of food blogs and wanted to challenge myself to learn photography and blogging.

I was getting married and losing weight with Weight Watchers at the time, and I was so disappointed with the recipes I was finding online at the time so I started my own low fat, healthy recipe blog and I included Weight Watcher points.

What is your ultimate foodie fantasy?
Eating my way through Europe, Asia, and South America would be the perfect food fantasy. I love ethnic food and love to travel so incorporating both would be a dream come true.

What are your top 3 favourite recipes on your blog?
Three favorite recipes with mushrooms from my site would be:
Pork chops with Mushrooms and Shallots
Chicken and Mushrooms in Garlic White Wine Sauce
Low Fat Creamy Mushroom Soup

Thanks so much Gina for taking the time to be apart of our series. Your Low Fat Creamy Mushroom Soup is one of my favourites – it’s so easy!

Don’t forget to follow Gina on her blog Skinnytaste, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • Anonymous April 5, 2011   Reply →

    Thank you for featuring this food blogger. I am currently on the Weight Watchers diet and I am always looking for healthy recipes. Her website looks very nice. Nancy.

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