Mary, Mary how does your garden grow?

…with spent mushroom substrate wouldn’t you know!

This past weekend the lovely weather had me thinking about gardening (I even notice a few flowers starting to pop up in my garden bed). Despite the random snowstorm our area received last night, spring is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to start looking into using Spent Mushroom Substrate (or SMS for short) on your gardens and lawn.

What exactly is SMS you ask? Simply stated SMS is what is the “soil” that is leftover after the mushrooms have been harvested.

It is made up of 100% organic materials such as straw, peat moss, stable bedding, corn cobs, soybean meal and gypsum. Once pasteurized this material becomes a substrate on which mushrooms are grown. Because the growing needs of mushrooms and green plants is different, very little of the composts nutrients are used during the mushroom growing process. After the mushrooms are harvested the farmer is left with nutrient filled compost that is an ideal soil conditioner for outdoor gardening.

How do you use it? Simple, it can be used as a mulch, soil conditioner, and potting mix additive. It’s also great for flowering gardens, trees and shrubs, vegetable and herb gardens, and established lawns.

You can buy SMS straight from the farm (if you have one in your area), or from your local nursery.

Are you are gardener? What are you growing this season? Flowers, vegetables?

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