Fire up the Grill with Dad this Father’s Day

What a gorgeous week it has been… and it’s about time! All this sunshine has really got me in the mood for a good ol’ BBQ, and with Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, I can’t think of a better way to spend time with my dad.

My dad likes to think of himself as a “Grill King”… last summer he went out and bought one of those fancy-schmancy BBQ’s… you know the ones with 4 burners, a grill, a rotisserie, and a million nobs… I know that he will be itching to show off his skills this weekend when everyone is visiting.

One of the easiest things to throw on the BBQ is kabobs. Our family loves kabobs because they can be customized to each person’s preference… some with chicken, some with beef, and others with just veggies! One thing is for sure though, my whole family loves mushrooms on their kabobs. I am going to try to get them to mix things up with year with a variety of criminis, portabellas, and king oysters.

Mushrooms are also low in calories, carbs and fat, they provide vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and are the only vegetable with Vitamin D. Not to mention they have no cholesterol or sodium.

So, this Father’s Day help dad cook a meal that the whole family can enjoy.

What will you be cookin’ up for dad this Father’s Day?

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