Making Stuffed Chicken Breasts is Easy!

This morning I stumbled upon this very informative video by the Manitoba Chicken Farmers. Basically it tells you how to stuff chicken breasts… and believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy!

And guess what? It’s so versatile you could even stuff those suckers with our Italian Mushroom Stuffing… Yum!

What is your favourite thing to stuff chicken breasts with? Cheese? Seafood? Do share!

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  • Anonymous July 9, 2011   Reply →

    I thought your Italian Mushroom Stuffing sounded great – especially because I frequently use a zesty Italian salad dressing as marinade and instead of oil to pan fry.

    I will be trying your recipe EXCEPT for this change: substituting a bit of Italian Seasoning Blend for the soya/tamari sauce. Was that a typo perchance? 'cause soya isn't very Italian :-).

    Anyway … thank you very much for the video (helpful!) and the recipe suggestion!!


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