Mushrooms Go PINK Round-Up

It has certainly been a busy month for PINK. And not just here in Canada, other countries like the US and Australia also showed support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month with PINK mushrooms.

So in case you missed it, here is what happened world-wide during Breast Cancer Awareness Month…


  • We toured! Hitting up cities all across Ontario and cooking up a storm on daytime TV. To see the support from TV stations & News outlets was incredible!
  • We doubled our “Likes” on Facebook! To date 1,886 people have “Liked” Mushrooms Go PINK on Facebook, meaning an additional donation will be made from Mushrooms Canada.
  • PINK Mushrooms were featured all across Canada. Even The Toronto Sun and Chatelaine took notice of our lovely PINK packaging!
  • We don’t know our final tally, but we hope to raise more money for the BCSC than last year!

United States

  • The Mushroom Council also had big plans for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, launching their PINK campaign on October 3rd.
  • Food Bloggers from all over the US showed an outpouring of support for PINK by creating delicious recipes that featured mushrooms.  Doughmesstic, La Fugi Mama, Aggie’s Kitchen, Cookin Lean, Food for my Family, Good Life Eats, Ingredients Inc., and Bell’alimento all took part in the post challenge.
  • @MushroomChannel, @CityofHope, and @MomItFoward hosted a #GNO Twitter Party on the goodness of mushrooms and why they are important to include in a healthy diet. The attendance and the conversation was amazing!
  • The Mushroom Council will donate $50,000 to the City of Hope Cancer Research.



How did you show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Did you donate? Take part in a run or fundraiser? Or perhaps you bought PINK mushrooms?

Let us know by leaving a comment!

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  • A heartfelt thank you from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for supporting breast cancer research. We truly believe that every dollar raised brings us one step closer to a cure. Thank you Mushrooms Canada!

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