Holiday Menu Planning: Top 10 Appetizers

With holidays commencing shortly, I have found myself in full Christmas mode. Not only did I make several crafty Christmas items, decorate my entire house from top to bottom, and shop for 20+ family members, I also did a meal plan. Yes, I am shocked that I could be this organized during the rush of the holidays.

During my search for recipes to add to my menu, I bookmarked, and bookmarked, and…. bookmarked. Everything from soups and salads to the main course, it’s all there. So in the spirit of the holidays, I am going to share my top 10 recipes from my appetizer, side dish, and entree lists. So let’s get started with my favourite course, the appetizers!

Holiday Menu Planning: Top 10 Appetizers

Rosemary Mushroom Pate with Homemade Cranberry Crackers by Dan’s Good Side

Pork Dumplings with Tofu & Chives (Mandu-inspired) by Smoky Wok

Plain Toasts Topped with A Pan Fried Mushrooms and Spinach Salad (Vegetarian) by Fuss Free Cooking

Baked Mushroom Topped Brie by Mushrooms Canada

Mushroom Walnut Pesto Tart (Vegan) by Oh She Glows

Turkey and Mushroom Rolls by Jo Cooks

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms by Jessica Burns

Asparagus Mushroom Cheese Tarts by Georgia Pellegrini

Grilled portobello mushrooms with Haloumi cheese by Darwin Foodies

Crimini Mushroom Crostini by In Sock Monkey Slippers

What types of appetizers will you be serving?

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  • SalvatoresCafe June 8, 2015   Reply →

    mmm Mushrooms, I love them :)) The best part for me is when I'm searching for them in the woods, but I don't recommend this to everyone. You need to know which mushrooms are poisoned. Anyway, this dishes are also incredible. To be honest, there are few recipes I didn't try, and I will need to do it asap. If you want, check my website you can find other recipes there

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