Holiday Menu Planning: Top 10 Entrees

And now ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived… the entree! Yesterday we talked side-dishes, but now it’s time we get down to business with the main feature.

Traditionally, my family likes to have turkey on Christmas, but there have been the rare occasion when pizza or lasagna made it to the table…

Holiday Menu Planning: Top 10 Entrees

Grilled Kangaroo with Balsamic Mushrooms and Creamed Corn by Pig Pig’s Corner

Tasty Turkey Lasagna Rolls by Turkey Farmers of Canada

Chicken Marsala Stew by Jennifer Joyce

Salmon with Morel Mushrooms and Fiddleheads by Heather Christo Cooks 

Steak & Mushroom Pot Pie by Simply Delicious

Wild Mushroom Cavatelli by Six Course Dinner

Delicious Vegan Whole Wheat Lasagna with Mushrooms by Gourmandelle

Caramelized Mushrooms and Dumplings by Joy the Baker

Mushroom And Caramelized Onion Tacos by Gratinee

Mushroom, Turkey & Leek Pot Pie by Mushrooms Canada

So there you have it folks, tons of inspiration to pull together a lovely holiday meal, that includes fresh Canadian mushrooms!

Top 10 Appetizers
Top 10 Side-Dishes
Top 10 Entrees

What will you be enjoying this Holiday season? Any tips on desserts?

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