Slimming Down with Mushrooms

I’m getting excited for my Californian getaway, so excited in fact that I’m already laying out the contents of my suitcase over a month early! And with that, of course, I am laying out the bathing suits. I’m holding the bikini’s up to me in the mirror, over my jeans and sweater and over my “winter-bod”, wondering how I’m going to pull this miracle off.

Thank goodness March is Nutrition Month here at Mushrooms Canada, where great, slimming recipes are boundless! I always love using mushrooms as a meat supplement, especially since I’m not keen on a lot of meat in my diet anyway. Try this quick Vegetarian Mushroom Stroganoff recipe using Portabella mushrooms, which are a good source of potassium and give a meat-like texture- you will never know the difference!!

For a nice, light lunch, I always turn to a tasty salad. This Bistro Mushroom and Salmon Salad is a great twist on the traditional Nicoise salad and is an excellent source of fibre and protein. Not only is this a meal that tastes great, but also one that will make you feel full – and on just over 300 calories!

Since I haven’t quite hit the Californian sun yet, I have to find tastier ways to heat up in this cool weather. A perfect solution to both my sun and bathing suit problems is this Mushroom and Split Pea Soup at a mere 180 calories per serving. Researchers have found that people who eat satisfying portions of foods that are less energy-dense have greater success at weight loss and maintenance.

With such great lo-cal meal options, I really have no excuse not to be beach-bod ready. Eating healthy and making it with mushrooms, I’m finding, can really taste great! How are you incorporating mushrooms into your nutritional mealtimes?

– Shannon

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