Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday
I’m sure at this point everyone has seen the #hashtag and has embraced the concept of eating meat-free meals on Mondays. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Meatless Monday is an online initiative that encourages the elimination of meat from meals, one day a week.

There are many personal health benefits of going meat-less including fighting the risk of Diabetes, improving your diet and curbing obesity and long-term weight gain. Replacing meat in your diet means lower calorie consumption and a larger intake of essential vitamins and minerals. That’s where mushrooms come in!

Many mushroom varieties have a meaty texture (like crimini and portabella) that make them very versatile in meals that typically contain meat. Try adding mushrooms to your meal- replacing the meat with mushrooms instead. This is great for burgers and lasagna; cut up mushrooms, cook them the same way you would cook the meat, and enjoy in any recipe. This is an easy technique that will cut down on calories and cost and will up your nutritional intake.

Try going Meatless today with some of my favourite recipes:

What are your favourite Meatless Monday recipes?


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