Here Comes The Sun!

It’s going to be warm this weekend! Finally! We’ve only been waiting for this for how long? Oh ya, since that obscure heat-wave at March Break, but since then we’ve been waiting! I’m so excited; I’m already looking for recipes that compliment this beautiful weather perfectly.
My first rule, always start with a salad! Like this fabulously put-together Chophouse Caesar– it’s sure to be a hit.

Then of course, in this heat, I look for something that makes me break out the barbeque sauce. Glazed Beef Medallions with Mushrooms? Was that my stomach speaking? Perfect. Not only are these delicious but they are also an excellent source of both Iron and Zinc!
Mmm! Enjoy your weekend in the sun… Here’s a few of my other favourites:
Do you have recipes you break out every time the sun is shining?


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