Mother’s Day: Mushroom Makeover

One sure-fire way to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day is to take cooking off of her to-do list. Take her to her favourite place with her favourite people or better-yet, pamper her at home with your latest, greatest creations and really WOW her. The day of cooking for mom doesn’t have to stop at Breakfast in Bed, but boy should it start there!

Start the day with some simple Baked Eggs with Mushrooms. It’s a delicious way to wake her up with a smile and light enough that she will keep smiling when she crawls out of bed and get’s ready for the day.

For lunch, try a nice salad like the PBLT Salad or a Warm Mushroom & Chicken Salad.

If mom is more of a sandwich lover, blow her mind with this delicious Grilled Mushroom, Cheese & Spinach Panini that will not disappoint!
Of course, our weather has been horribly unpredictable, so on a chilly Mother’s day, this Mushroom Soup au Gratinwill certainly make you her “favourite”.

Dinner is really your time to shine and show mom what you’re made of! Charred Beef Steak and Veggies with Orzo Pasta will delight your mom with both taste and presentation- a stunning meal for an even more beautiful woman!

Mother’s day is about expressing your love for that amazing woman who kept smiling, even through your teen-angst years. She deserves at the very least one day for her.
How are you spoiling your mom this Mother’s Day?

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