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If you are a Mushroom Lover like I am, chances are you eat as many mushrooms as you can! Growing up, my mom’s cooking was full of mushrooms and her favourite was always the Portabella. Mine was white button. White’s just seemed so easy- they were perfect on pizza and was always a favourite of mine on a veggie platter. Every person I know has that one go-to mushroom variety and until I began my time here at Mushrooms Canada, I wasn’t even fully aware of all of my choices! Here’s a brief breakdown of the 7 different varieties that our local Farmers grow in Canada.

White Button: The most popular mushroom variety in Canada. They are white in colour and have a woodsy flavour that becomes stronger with cooking.
Crimini: Similar to the White Button mushroom, but are brown in colour. Also has a more intense flavour than the White’s with a more meaty texture.
Portabella: Have a meaty texture as well, because these are full grown Crimini’s! They have the large brown caps and are packed full of flavour.
Oyster: These velvety mushrooms have a funnel shape and a mild flavour.
King Oyster: Very sweet with a woodsy flavour. They have a tan coloured cap and a thick, white stem.
Shiitake: Dark brown in colour with a flat cap. Woodsy flavour and a meaty texture and is great in Asian-inspired cooking.
Enoki: Long slender mushrooms with tiny caps. These are bright white and have a delicate flavour and a slight crunch, similar to a bean sprout. For that reason, Enoki are great in salads, wraps and stir-fries.
For a more detailed description of each variety, click here. Hopefully this will help you, as it did me, find your new favourite variety! Since I loved my White Button’s so much, I opted to try Crimini’s and am happy I did!
What’s Your Go-To Mushroom Variety?


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