After School Snacks

Phew! We all made it through that first day of school. Were you back to work as well? Or did you get to enjoy a (finally) quiet day at home? Since being done college, I’ve experienced the first day back as any other work day, but that doesn’t mean the day wasn’t just as special. 

Driving past all the new students at the college while dropping my sister off for her first day back, I get just as excited and get those butterflies in my stomach, wishing them the best. 
After a long day, big students, or your little scholars, come home, plop themselves on the couch or in bed and breath a big sigh. Next up, “I’m hungry”. That’s where Mushrooms Canada can help! 

For those “big kids” coming back from their first day at college or University, these Mushroom Bruschetta Wedges will hit the spot! Packed full of delicious flavours and nutrients, you can eat it to yourself for dinner or share with your new roommates as an after class snack. A sure-fire way to make new friends fast! 
For your youngsters coming home off of the bus, this Snappy Cheesy Mushroom Snack is just what the name says, a yummy treat prepared in minutes! 

If you have a little bit of time before the kids get home, Walrus Tusks are perfect for soothing grumbling tummies. Make lots of filling and use it day after day in a different dish each time. 

For our favourite variations and a ton of great kid-friendly snacks, check out
What snack did you serve up after school yesterday?

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