PINK Cooking Excitement

Our Mushrooms Go PINK campaign has finally begun! Have you seen the PINK mushroom tills in your grocery store? I have!

So of course, I needed to buy some and make a dinner full of mushrooms! Because we were all so hungry, I decided that first we needed a yummy appetizer. My go-to is always stuffed caps and tonight was no different, although I did try a new stuffing. I recently fell in love with tomato pesto (actually I’ve been on a tomato kick in general lately) and mixed it with some super soft goat’s cheese. After baking my white buttons in the oven for five minutes with a light brushing of olive oil, I pulled out the brown caps, stuffed them and baked them for about six minutes longer until the cheese softened. Once they were done, I topped them with panko crumbs and let them cool for two minutes before they disappeared completely. These were a hit!
Meanwhile, I cooked up chucks of chicken and sauteed my mixed-mushroom variety. This pack of mushrooms was fantastic and included white button, crimini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Certainly can’t go wrong with all of these beautiful flavours in one dish. 
Cooking on a side burner, I had 2 cups of Basmati rice, the perfect rice for one of my favourite Indian dishes, butter chicken. To save time (again, we were all really hungry) I used a favourite store-bought Butter Chicken Sauce that really brought the dish and flavour combinations together.
Try this easy mixture at home! The best part about butter chicken is that you can different veggies each time, have it taste completely different and it still tastes great every time!
Look for PINK mushroom tills in your local grocery store!


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