Autumn BBQ

With this unusually warm weather today, all I can think about it firing up the grill! It’s not too often in October that the weather reaches over 20C so I’m ready to take advantage! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite blogger dishes that are either done on the grill or can be modified for your grilling pleasure:

Mushrooms Stuffed with Caprese {Via Lubie to…gotowanie}
Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Mushroom Sauce {Via The Foodie Couple}
Steak Kabobs with Fancy Veggies {Via Costa Kitchen}
A favourite of mine pulled from the Mushrooms Canada recipe index is Buffalo and Blue Cheese Stuffed Button Mushrooms by Pithy and Cleaver. They have a beautiful fall colour and can be easily done on the grill.
Be sure to include mushrooms in your meals this fall to help maintain a strong immune system and keep that cold at bay. Certain mushroom extracts (including extracts from white button mushrooms) may have, according to research, a positive effect on the immune system.

What are you grilling up tonight?


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