Fall Favourites

Autumn has to be my favourite season; the leaves beautiful colours, the cozy sweaters, the hot apple cider and of course, the comforting food.

On a rainy day, nothing is more exciting than walking into a warm kitchen with the aroma of dinner in the air. Tonight’s dinner? Savoury Mushroom Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with a mouth-watering Apple Drizzle.

This truly is an appropriate October dish, as it’s Breast and Prostate Cancer Approved and we all that that Mushrooms Go PINK for October! The mushroom stuffing provides an added boost of flavour and keeps the tenderloin moist the whole way though. Try using Crimini mushrooms in this stuffing to really bring out the earthy, delicious flavours.

As the temperatures cool, I love a dish with some heat! I’m a huge fan of spicy foods and look forward to all of my favourite Indian-inspired dishes including this Chicken and Vegetable Curry recipe. In only 35 minutes, you have a steaming bowl of deliciousness! Be sure to make lots because it reheats nicely and tastes great in a wrap.

Of course it wouldn’t be October without a hearty bowl of soup. Although French Onion soup is a classic and always a hit at my house, this twist is a welcome take on the original. This comforting Mushroom Soup Au Gratin pairs perfectly with a salad for a filling fall dinner.

Try each of these Fall Favourites and add your seasonal favourites in the comments below!


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