Happy Halloween!

Although it’s a chilly, rainy day, the Halloween spirit is not lost. I saw children boarding their school buses this morning decked out in their scariest trick-or-treating garb.

I’ve put together a list of great snacks for your little ones to enjoy before going candy hunting! Have these ready for when these little ghouls, witches and super heroes come home from school  this afternoon.

Scary Crunchy Portabella Fingers are the perfect festive snack! This Cap Crew Recipe quickly makes 10-12 slices. Make the dish a little more creepy, crawly, by placing a whole, fresh Portabella Cap on the plate, gills down, and placing the Portabella Fingers around it to make the tasty dish look even more like a hand!

If you have really little ones coming off the bus, you may be trying to get them to the neighbours before our limited daylight goes away. For a great snack in minutes, try this Snappy Cheesy Mushroom Snack on it’s own or on toast.

If you have time for a hearty, warm meal before sending them out to collect their treats, cook up some Yummy Macaroni, Cheese and Mushrooms. For some added texture to this meal, stir in some slices wieners, pepperoni, diced ham or crumbled pre-cooked bacon. Send them out on a full stomach so they wont be quite as tempted to eat their whole bag of goodies tonight.

Be sure to bundle them up in this chilly air and make sure they know the safety rules and the rules of the road. Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!


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