It’s My Birthday & I’ll Eat What I Want To

I really didn’t shy away from the lead on this post. Today is my birthday!

Growing up, my mom would always let the birthday girl choose what was for dinner and today I’m reinstating that rule. In celebration of a day dedicated to me, I’m posting my perfect meal. A meal where I’m not thinking about what I currently have in my fridge or who else is going to like it or even what the cost is. On this day, I’m going to eat what I want to.
I love a simple breakfast. I’m not one for a huge, flashy breakfast in bed. Today, all I want is a Shiitake Mushroom Scramble. I love eggs at breakfast time and the addition of flavourful Shiitake mushrooms makes this meal the perfect little treat to get me started for the day… and the “in bed” part wouldn’t hurt either.
I’ve been posting a ton of soups lately and it’s really just because I LOVE soup. It’s the perfect comfort to any day and just screams the autumn season…which happens to also be my favourite season. you can tell I’m excited about today. So a long winded response leads to a very simple answer: Soup. Fresh Mushroom and Squash Bisque to be exact. 
Appetizer (because why not? It’s my birthday):
One of my favourite flavour combinations is black bean and mushrooms! Since I used shiitake mushrooms in my breakfast (might as well be practical even if I’m being frivolous), I’ll continue to use them with these incredible Shiitake and Black Bean Phyllo Triangles.
I’m not usually a big meat-eater, but on those rare special occasions I love to carve my knife into a perfectly cooked steak. Tonight, Glazed Beef Medallions with Mushrooms are on the menu!
These meals may not sound as if they go together all that well, but I certainly had a blast searching through recipes to find my favourites. Maybe “My Day Meals” need to happen more often.
Do you have a favourite meal on your birthday?


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  • Endy Daniel October 22, 2012   Reply →

    Your dinner looks really tempting! it's calling me and it makes me drooling! I think we have something in common, we love steaks n we are mushroom lovers!! Glad to find you…;)
    Anyways, happy belated b'day 🙂

  • Mushrooms Canada November 8, 2012   Reply →

    and a belated thank you to you!! Dinner was absolutely fantastic. Can't go wrong with Steak and Mushrooms!

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