London Wine & Food: Tasting Room and Partners

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had an absolute blast in London at the Wine & Food Show. We were fortunate enough to partner with a cute Bed & Breakfast based in Port Stanley, The Windjammer Inn. It was great to see so many show attendees light up when we mentioned their name, clearly a favourite in the London area.

At the show, The Windjammer Inn sampled some delicious Mushroom Pate with Sheep Gouda and a very tasty Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie. How good do these look?!

They were also kind enough to provide samples of their Mushroom Pate for the near 60 attendees in our Tasting Room session. Where Brittany chatted all about mushrooms, their benefits and resolved some myths and questions that the audience were eager to ask. Meanwhile, I sauteed some Portabella Mushroom pieces to create our sample dish, Grilled Mushrooms with Tomato, Avocado and Feta Salad.
What a great turn out and another great weekend spent sauteing mushrooms. Thanks again to our Partner’s the Windjammer Inn, Foodland Ontario, and prize pack contributors T-Fal and Creemore Springs Brewery. Hope to see you all again next year!



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