Food Bloggers of Canada Conference: Part 1

Yesterday was an interesting day. Beyond thrilled to be spending the weekend at the first Food Bloggers of Canada Conference, we were running around picking up last minute supplies. Just as we were ready to finally leave for Hockley Valley Resort, the icy weather had another idea for us. My tip for the day? Avoid falling ice. A chunk of ice fell from a hydro wire, landing on my windshield, cracking it and giving Brittany a near-heart attack as she threw hot coffee all over herself. Luckily, Speedy Glass lived up to their name and had us in and out with my windshield repaired in 30 minutes and we were back on the road.

Upon arriving at Hockley, we were greeted with darkness, thanks again to the ice storm. Even with the lack of light, Melissa and Ethan of Food Bloggers of Canada appeared unfazed and ready to go! Seeing the hard efforts of these two dedicated bloggers, along with FBC co-creator Mardi, pay off was unbelievably impressive. The three of them deserve a sea of high fives.

The night started with a fun registration, playing spot the blogger. We came across so many familiar faces of bloggers we have worked with and bloggers we continuously speak with online- it was more of a oh my gosh it’s so nice to finally see you in person rather than a “nice to meet you”. All of these bloggers are already friends and this conference has made that abundantly clear. So much excitement and enthusiasm filled the room, and we were excited to hand out our fun mushroom growing kits!

Following registration, the room filled with food, of course, and we all greeted each other with our mouths full. The Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms went very quickly and the Easy Mushroom Pate recipe was a hot topic, some bloggers were threatening to run away with the bowl! You know who you are!!

We all moved to our seats for dinner, yes, more food and I found myself seated with a wonderful group of ladies, both bloggers and brands. Table 10 was full of laughs and great conversation from Jenny of The Brunette Baker, Kelly of The Gouda Life, Sarah of Burnbrae Farms, Michelle of The Tiffin Box, Bridget of Crosby Molasses, Alexa of Cheap Eats, Linda of Wine Country Ontario, Maya of Maya’s Kitchen and FBC Co-Creator Melissa. It was especially fun getting a pat on the back from Kelly and Jenny when they saw the lovely Yorkshire with Sautéed Mushrooms as part of the main course. All of these laughs and friends were well worth a late night! 

More to come from me on the panels and sessions. Wow, what an informative conference this is shaping up to be!

What is your most memorable moment so far?



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  • mushroomscanada April 16, 2013   Reply →

    You're too sweet Mardi 🙂 What a great experience it was to meet everyone face to face!

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