Mushrooms Canada Raises $45,204 for Breast Cancer

This past October, Canadian mushroom growers joined forces with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to support research for the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. For every kilogram of fresh mushrooms sold in the PINK packages from September 24 to November 10, Canadian Mushroom Farmers made a contribution to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

Again, Canadian mushroom farmers far exceeded their fundraising goal of $25,000, raising a grand total of $45,204.13.

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“Canadian mushroom growers and their employees are justifiably proud of their donation of $45,204.13 to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. The farm-gate price they received from retailers for PINK mushrooms in October was the same as they get for non-PINK mushrooms year-round. There were no premiums because the mushrooms were PINK. And consumers paid the same price for PINK as they did for non-PINK. Mushroom growers made these donations out of their own pockets and the Beast Cancer Society was overwhelmed by their generosity.”

Participating Mushroom Farms:
Mushrooms Canada
All Seasons Mushrooms Inc.
Carleton Mushroom Farms Ltd.
Champ’s Mushrooms Inc.
Champag Inc.
Continental Mushroom
Farmers’ Fresh Mushroom Inc.
Highline Produce Limited
Loveday Mushroom Farms Ltd.
Monaghan Mushrooms
Peeters Mushroom Farm
Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Ltd.
Prairie Mushrooms (2010) Ltd.
Ravine Mushroom Farms Inc.
Rol-land Farms Mushrooms Inc.
Windmill Farms



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