Slow Cooker Roast with Mushrooms

I dream of the days where I can come home from work and do nothing. I imagine coming home, running a bath and reading a book. Needless to say, this never happens. Some dinner recipes, however, have made weeknight mealtimes super simple and free from post-work stress.

My favourite solution to dinnertime woes is the slow cooker. It’s so easy to prepare meals the night before and simply throw everything in on my way our the door in the morning. For this recipe, I used a beef roast, a whole red onion, 4 celery stalks, a clove of garlic and an 8oz till of Crimini mushrooms.

For the spices, I added Spicy Mesquite, cloves, and Garlic Plus and I marinated it overnight in a garden vegetable cocktail juice.
In the morning, the whole container got dumped into the slow cooker and was left on low to cook for 8 hours. The result? Delicious, moist, fall apart beef with flavourful cooked veggies. I mashed some potatoes and made a gravy from the juices to complete the dinner dish. A stress-free meal, with few dishes afterwards.
What are your favourite stress-free meals?


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