Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry Stuffed Mushrooms

Deciding on a dinner recipe is always a bit of a task. I love using up what I have on hand and forcing myself to be creative with the ingredients. Last night I was riffling through my fridge looking at all of the wonderful veggies I had on hand and how little meat there was. I’ve been accused of eating too much chicken, but I just find chicken to be so simple and so versatile!

This recipe came together around the large, beautiful Portabella mushrooms. Portabella mushrooms have as much Potassium as a small banana and are packed full of essential nutrients. I wanted to stuff the caps as our meal, as opposed to a side, so I really did not want them full of cheese. Instead, I pulled out a boneless chicken breast, red pepper, onion, and asparagus and created a stir-fry with some delicious prepared teriyaki sauce. I brushed the caps with the sauce as well before placing them in the oven for 10 minutes.

While the caps were in the oven, I pan fried the diced chicken cubes, then added the veggies, stirring in the teriyaki sauce. Use as little or as much of the sauce as suits you. Once the mixture was cooked and smelling great, I pulled the caps from the oven and piled in the stir-fry filling, topping it all off with some sesame seeds.
Which ingredients do you love to use when stuffing mushrooms?



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