Queen’s Park: Foodland Ontario Fresh Market

It’s a busy time for us here at the Mushrooms Canada offices! So much excitement surrounding grilling season and the great weather that (we hope) is here to stay. This is why it’s taken some time to pull together this little recap of the wonderful day we had with Foodland Ontario in Queen’s Park, Toronto.

Each year, Foodland Ontario puts together a fabulous fresh market in the park to showcase all of the wonderful fresh and local foods that Ontario has to offer. Dairy was showing off their fantastic ice cream, Ontario Pork was doing a mouthwatering pulled pork on a bun, Ontario Berry Growers has some juicy strawberries and of course Mushrooms!

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Kathleen Wynne, started the day off with song by singing the infamous jingle, Good Things Grow in Ontario! She also stopped by the Mushrooms Canada booth for a sample. In the warm, sunny weather our fresh Ontario Crimini Mushrooms with Spinach Dip went over so well! It was a light snack, packed with flavour.
Longo’s Markets were also there showing off their mushroom love! It was a beautiful display of fresh, local produce. There were so many tasty samples in the park!
After another day in the sun, the message remains clear, Good Things Grow in Ontario!



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