Grill On: Turkey and Mushroom Satays by Living Lou

This summer, Mushrooms Canada and Turkey Farmers of Canada brought together 10 bloggers to create two mouthwatering e-cookbooks. Each e-cookbook has 10 grilling recipes, a total of 20, that will leave you in charge of the barbecue this season.

This week, we are introducing Louisa of Living Lou:

Hi there, I’m Louisa Clements, but you can call me Lou and welcome to Living Lou. I’m a 19 year old food blogger from Toronto, Ontario and I love every second of it. I have been completely smitten with cooking and baking ever since getting my first Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook when I was about 7. To this day, I still use recipes from that wonderful book, and look to it for inspiration.

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Find full recipe HERE.
Grill On!



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  • Louisa [Living Lou] August 13, 2013   Reply →

    So much fun taking part in the ebooks – loved creating recipes! This one is definitely a favourite 🙂

  • mushroomscanada August 15, 2013   Reply →

    Such a great recipe! So simple to bring along to a backyard party or enjoy at home. Thanks again!

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