Long Weekend Grilling

With August coming to an end, the final summer long weekend has me making plans for the beach and the grill! I’m not quite ready to let go of summer, so I’ve been in full swing pulling together my favourite hot weather recipes. In my mind, there really is nothing better than a juicy burger straight from the barbecue on a hot summer day, so I made a list!

Enjoy mushrooms and burgers together in these fabulous recipes:

M-M-Marvelous Mushroom Beef Burgers
The marvellous mushrooms in this beef burger recipe keep these lean beef burgers moist and juicy even when using extra lean ground beef. A good source of Iron (19 % RDI) and an excellent source of Zinc (56 % RDI)

Mushroom Cheddar Burger
The Mushroom burger done right! This burger screams FRESH ONTARIO MUSHROOM FLAVOUR! Use any mushrooms you like – not only is this recipe versatile, but it is easy to make and enjoy. Served with meaty Portabella fries and a spicy Mayo dip, this is one mushroom dish that can’t be resisted!

Marinated Portabella Burgers
A delicious vegetarian option to regular burgers since grilled portabellas have a meat–like texture and flavour.

You can also top your burgers with this Fresh Mushroom and Tomato Salsa.

Whatever you cook up this weekend, make it the ultimate summer feast.

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