Guest Post: Forest Mushroom Omelette with Blueberries by HappyHealthyHunters

We’re excited to have HappyHealthyHunters as a guest in our kitchen! They’re here to share a sweet and savoury recipe combining mushrooms and blueberries- what a fun idea!

We are Erik and Lisa behind the blog HappyHealthyHunters. We are a Swedish health entrepreneur couple currently living in Paris. We are on a mission to inspire others to eat more plant based and less meat and at the same time good for the body. We are really excited for the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Mushroom Canada as we are mushroom lovers.

We have always had a good relationship with mushrooms. We love the mushrooms we find in stores, but also love picking Chanterelles in the forests and using them for a sauce with butter, cream and onions. When we decided to eat less meat, mushrooms were a great substitute for the protein. Here in Paris, we have open markets everywhere so we really got a good supply of fresh mushrooms to experiment with.


Forest Mushroom Omelette with Blueberries
Preparation time: 5 minutes | Cooking Time: 10 minutes | Total time: 15 minutes

100 grams Mushrooms (we used a blend of Oyster, Crimini and Chanterelle Mushrooms)
100 grams chopped Onion
1 tablespoon cooking oil
4 Eggs
1 Clove of garlic
20 grams of blueberries

1. First fry the mushrooms in a dry medium size pan so that the water evaporates from the mushrooms.
2. Chop the onion into small pieces.
3. When the mushrooms are done add the onion and the oil and lit fry together with the mushrooms until the onion becomes transparent.
4. Mix the eggs with the milk and grate in the garlic, add the salt and pepper.
5. Lower the heat and add the egg mixture to the frying pan. Give it a good stir so that the mushrooms and the onions are spread through the omelet.
6. Cook for 8-10 minutes until the eggs have coagulated.

Serves 2

770Omelett 2

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Thanks to Erik and Lisa for sharing a very creative, and delicious omelette recipe! The blueberries are a nice contrast in this meal and really help bring out the mushroom flavour.

Find Erik and Lisa online at HappyHealthyHunters, on Twitter and Pinterest!

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