Guest Post: Steak and Himalayan Sea Salt by Chef’s Plate

We have guests in our kitchen! The team at Chef’s Plate have partnered with Unionville Mushrooms to showcase fresh Canadian mushroom varieties in mouthwatering meals!! Cremini and Shiitake mushrooms are on today’s menu…
Hello from the Culinary Team at Chef’s Plate! Chef’s Plate is a meal subscription service that delivers perfectly portioned ingredients with a dinner recipe card. We do all the meal prep and grocery shopping so you can get straight to the yummiest part: cooking and eating! We’re a strong believer that you don’t need fancy kitchen equipment or gourmet ingredients to create restaurant-quality meals. Each week we release 6 new and unique recipes for our customers that include 3 land protein dishes, 2 vegetarian dishes and 1 seafood dish. Right now, we’re only based in Ontario but hope to be offering our services outside of Ontario in the near future!
We have cooked with mushrooms in past recipes but it wasn’t until November that we really wanted to emphasize and let them be the star in our recipes. Fresh mushrooms are not only a versatile and simple ingredient to cook with but they are also jam packed with nutrients and TONS of flavour. For the whole month of November, one of our dishes each week will be showcasing a unique mushroom from our partner: Unionville Mushrooms.
Unionville Mushrooms is a family owned and run business since its inception in 1972. With their humble mushroom farm in Stouffville, Ontario, Pasquale Calitri and his son-in-law Ralph Auciello have since worked diligently to build the name of Unionville Mushrooms to the success it is today
We are strong advocates of supporting local businesses and this goes for our produce as well. Whenever possible, we always try to buy produce in Ontario. Why? Well, first of all, produce is fresher and gets to the end customer much quicker because it’s basically grown in your own backyard! Secondly, supporting present day farms will ensure that there will be local farms for future generations.
For delivery on November 23, we’ll be featuring a Steak and Himalayan Sea Salt with cremini and shiitake mushrooms as one of the side dishes. We thought we’d showcase those two mushrooms here!

Shiitake mushrooms have one of the strongest umami flavour kicks out of all the mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms have a high dose of potassium – the chemical needed to lower blood pressure. Creminis are similar to white mushrooms but brown with a meaty and earthy flavour that is more intense than champignon mushrooms.
Consuming cremini mushrooms produce niacin, an essential acid that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease! Try out Shiitake and Creminis in our Steak and Himalayan Sea Salt Dish, available for delivery on November 23!
Steak and Himalayan Sea Salt


1 Striploin Steak (10oz)
1 TSP Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
10 oz. Rainbow Swiss Chard
5.5 oz of Cremini Mushrooms
2 oz Shiitake Mushrooms
2 cloves peeled garlic
2 sprigs fresh thyme


1. Prepare the ingredients
• Wash and dry all produce.
• Remove the rainbow chard stems. Cut the stems into 1 inch pieces. Roughly chop the leaves.
• Remove and discard the shiitake mushroom stems.
• Cut the crimini mushrooms into ½ inch slices.
• Mince the garlic or use a garlic press.
• Pick the thyme leaves from stems. Discard the stems.
2. Cook the steak
• In a medium frying pan over medium high heat, add 1 tbsp cooking oil.
• Season the striploin steak with 2/3 of the pink Himalayan sea salt.
• When the oil starts to shimmer, add the steak. Cook 4 min per side for medium rare or continue cooking to your desired doneness.
• Remove steak from pan and set aside to rest. Reserve pan juices. Cut the steak in half before serving.
3. Cook the rainbow chard
• In a large frying pan, over medium heat, add the half the garlic and rainbow chard stems. Cook 4 min, stirring occasionally, until stems begin to soften.
• Add the rainbow chard leaves and 2 tbsp water. Season with remaining pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper. Cook 3 min, stirring frequently, until leaves are wilted and the water has been absorbed.
• Set pan aside.
4. Cook the mushrooms
• In the pan used for the steak, add 1 tbsp cooking oil over medium high heat.
• When the oil starts to shimmer, add the crimini mushrooms. Cook 4 min, tossing frequently, until softened and golden brown.
• Add the shiitake mushrooms, thyme and remaining garlic. Cook 2 min, stirring occasionally, until fragrant.
5. Plate and serve
• Plate the steak with the mushrooms and rainbow chard alongside.
• Enjoy!




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