Feature Friday: 4 Reasons to Eat Locally Grown Mushrooms

With the world becoming more environmentally conscience, and with additional pressure being put on Canadians to buy local and enjoy a 100 Mile Diet, it’s no wonder why people are turning to fresh Canadian mushrooms.

They are local grown year-round, they have a low environmental impact, and of course taste great!

1. Fresher and Taste Better
That’s right! Locally grown Canadian mushrooms are fresher and taste better than mushrooms that have been shipped thousands of kilometers from other countries. Not only can you taste the difference, fresh Canadian mushrooms will last longer, saving you money. Make sure to check the label for the “Product of Canada” sticker.

2. Less Environmental Impact
Locally grown Canadian mushrooms are not shipped thousands of kilometers, so they have a
smaller carbon footprint. Mushroom farmers also follow sustainable growing practices and are agricultural recyclers; this minimizes the farms’ environmental impact.

3. Are Safe
Locally grown Canadian mushrooms comply with a very strict On Farm Food Safety Program developed by Mushrooms Canada and Guelph Food Technology Center. This ensures that the mushrooms are safe before they leave the farm and hit your dinner table.

4. Support Your Local Economy
Buying locally grown Canadian mushrooms supports your local farmers and helps to build your
local economy. By buying from a local farm or farmer’s market today, you are ensuring there will be farms in your community tomorrow for future generations.

posted by Brittany

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