The Cap Crew Colouring Contest

School’s out for summer!!

Today marks the day that most Canadian schools take a break for summer holidays, and most parents prepare themselves to hear the never-ending, “I’m bored,” and “there is nothing to do!”

Mushrooms Canada has just what you need to fulfill to your kids quest to find something to do, The Cap Crew Colouring Contest!

The Cap Crew Colouring ContestSimply download The Cap Crew Colouring Contest, print it off, and hand it over to the kids! It’s guaranteed to keep them busy for at least 10 minutes while you read, shop, or make dinner.

The best part is, this little masterpiece could win your kid a “Cap Crew Back to School Prize Pack” filled with lots of goodies and school necessities.

So what are you waiting for, get them colouring!

Download The Cap Crew Colouring Contest & Official Rules here.

For more fun-filled mushroom activities, like our Cap Crew Trivia Game and Activity Booklet, visit the Sizzling Skillet Arcade on The Cap Crew website,

posted by Brittany

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