Feature Friday Series: Mushroom Varieties – Crimini

In this New Feature Friday Series, we will explore all the different varieties of fresh mushrooms grown locally right here in Canada.

Today we are focusing on a close relative to the white mushroom, the Crimini mushroom.

Name: Agaricus Bisporus

Description: White mushrooms come in petite, button, large, stuffer and griller.

Taste: The mildest tasting mushroom out of the bunch. The taste does become stronger with cooking.

Uses: Can be used with almost anything; it is so versatile.

How they Grow: Since crimini mushrooms are also in the Agaricus Bisporus family, they grow they exact same way as white mushrooms do.

Delicious Crimini Recipe Ideas:
Phyllo-Wrapped Salmon with Dill
Mushroom Foccacia
Mushroom Ragu on Poached Eggs

posted by Brittany

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