Feature Friday: Mushroom Varieties – King Oyster

In this last post of this Feature Friday Series, we are exploring one of the newest Canadian grown mushrooms, the King Oyster.

Name: Pleurotus Eryngii

Description: King oyster mushrooms have a light tan cap with a thick white stem.

Taste: This stout, thick fleshed mushroom is pleasantly chewy top to bottom and has the advantage of remaining firm when cooked. The flavour contains a delicate taste of woodsy and sweet.

Uses: This whole mushroom can be eaten. Adapts well in French, Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. It stands up to sauteing, stir-frying, and grilling, becoming golden brown and nicely crisp.

How they Grow:
King oyster mushrooms have a very similar growing process to enoki mushrooms. You can read about that process here. For the growing process in pictures visit Enviro Mushroom Farm’s website here.

Delicious King Oyster Recipe Ideas:
Mushrooms with Papardelle Noodles, Tomato, Herbs and Garlic “En Brodo”

King Oyster Tomato Pizza

posted by Brittany

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