Mushrooms for Dessert? You Bet!

Confession. I have a sweet tooth… or two… or three… I honestly cannot remember the last time that I said “no” to a dessert. Once I even ate mushrooms for dessert. Yes, mushrooms for dessert!

Three years ago we took our Student Chef Challenge competitors out for dinner at the Cutten Club in Guelph. We challenged Executive Chef, Mathew Brook, to make sure that mushrooms were present in every course… I thought surely he wouldn’t put them in the dessert… but low-and-behold when dessert was served there they were!! Sautéed Petité Gourmet mushroom in a Caramel Glaze… and guess what? They were pretty darn good!

Inspired by that pleasant surprise, this morning I decided to search out some mushroom dessert recipes…. and believe it or not I actually found two… and they look goooood!

Mushroom Cardamom Rice Pudding with Dulce de Leche

{via Gourmet Fury}

Candy Cap Mushroom Panna Cotta

{via Blog}

Then of course there are the “mushrooms” for dessert… and I couldn’t resist posting these either…

Mushroom Cookies

{via Sweetopia}

Meringue Mushrooms on Chocolate Cake

{via Sweetapolita}
Have you ever had mushrooms for dessert? Do you have a recipe you would like to share?

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