Mushrooms Masters: A Tournament of Taste – And the winner is…

This year we declare Australia as the 2011 Mushroom Masters!

Mushrooms Canada would like to thank all the wonderful food bloggers who took part in the 2nd Annual Mushroom Masters, especially our very talented Canadian team…

Breakfast Battle: Jennifer from FoodessRoasted Portabella Eggs Benedict.

Lunch Row: Tara from Seven SpoonsButter Roasted Mushroom Sandwich.

Dinne Duel: Darina from GratineeCaramelized Mushroom & Onion Tacos.

App Attack: Angela from Oh She GlowsMushroom Walnut Pesto TartGOLD Winner!

A BIG Round of applause for our Canadian Team!

At this point I would also like to thank the Tastespotting, Mushroom Council and the Australian Mushroom Growers’ Association for their hard work and dedication to making the 2011 Tournament a big success

Thanks to everyone who voted! Watch for this contest again next year!

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