Freezer Bag Omelettes

Have you heard of this revolutionary idea of making omelettes in freezer bags? Apparently the whole world knows about this and I’ve been left in the dark. This past long weekend, I experienced this phenomenon first-hand and all of the glory that it had to share.

Everyone loves omelettes for breakfast- it’s that perfect way to combine all of your favourite flavours and use up the leftovers that are filling your fridge. The real task, is trying to find a pan big enough to make near 10 omelettes when the whole family decides to visit (or time management- waking up at 6am and waking everyone up on the 10’s when their omelette is ready). No. This is a much better idea. I promise.
First, cut up all of your ingredients (mushrooms, peppers, red onion, chives, ham, bacon, mozzarella, cheddar and feta cheese and fresh garden herbs). Put them in separate bowls on the counter so it’s super easy for everyone to pick out exactly what they want. At this time, you should also set a pot of water on the stove and boil it.
Second, crack the number of eggs you want into a bowl and beat them with a splash of milk (remove all egg shells from mixture- wait? That doesn’t happen to you? Just me. Okay).
Third, pull out your freezer bags. Make sure they are good quality bags, this way they won’t melt. Take out that Sharpie and let everyone write their names on their freezer bag so you know whose is whose. Get creative! Our group was writing their Twitter handles J

Pour the egg and milk mixture into your freezer bag and add all desired ingredients. Once this is done, squeeze all air out of the bag and seal tightly at the top. Drop the omelette bag into the boiling water and hang the top half over the edge of the pot so it doesn’t fall in.
Wait 13 minutes. Yes, this is the hardest part.
Pull your bag out of the boiling water, unzip the bag and slide this perfect little omelette onto your plate and enjoy!

Just to debunk some questions that I had going into this process; No the bag does not melt, No the omelette doesn’t look “all funny” and No the Sharpie doesn’t smudge.

This is a great recipe for large groups and would be perfect for camping! A no-mess, one-pot omelette operation that can be prepared ahead of time- Genius!!

Thanks Joanne for sharing some of your evil genius this weekend!

Another HUGE thanks to Rachel Polite for being so enthusiastic about this recipe and diving in while LIVE Tweeting her results. All pictures are provided by Rachel.  


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