Meatless Monday: Portabella, Pepper & Pesto Sandwich

The sunshine has finally come and I hope this time it’s to say. In warm, sunny weather my favourite go-to lunch and dinner is a simple sandwich. Sandwiches are so versatile and so easy to enjoy with whatever happens to be in your fridge. For this sandwich, I went with juicy Portabella mushrooms, red and green peppers and my favourite combo, pesto and goat cheese.

Simply fry up the veggies. You can do this in a pan or on the grill and be sure to add all of your favourites- some eggplant and onions would also be great on this!

While these are frying, slice your fresh, homemade bread. Spread a generous heap of pesto and crumble goat cheese onto your bread. Laying the hot sauteed veggies over the cheese will allow it to melt perfectly.
Press the sandwich together and enjoy. This also makes for a great panini recipe, but my bread was just too fresh and delicious to grill. Get creative with your own recipe at home and make use of your leftovers too! If you’d like to make this a meaty meal, add some leftover chicken or turkey pieces to your sandwich.
What’s your favourite go-to sandwich?


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