Vegetable Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushroom

This meal came together in an attempt to keep dinner simple, quick and nutritious. I’ve recently become obsessed with Quinoa. It’s got a fantastic nutty flavour and is so versatile. I’ve been using it as a simple dinner side, cold atop a salad and now, I used my leftover quinoa to stuff a Portabella mushroom.

In order to bulk up the leftovers, lots of asparagus was added to the mix. You simply can not have too much asparagus. In fact, the more the better in my books.

I also cleaned out the Portabella cap, giving myself much more room for tasty filling. I threw my leftover veggie quinoa into the pan with some water just to rejuvenate it a bit, then added the diced asparagus to the mix.
While the vegetable quinoa was cooking, I brushed the Portabella cap with olive oil and baked on 400F for about 10 minutes (or until soft). Once soft, I pulled the cap and filled it with quinoa. I crumbled some goat cheese, dressed a few smaller mushrooms with goat cheese as a side as well (why not?!) and put these back in the oven until the cheese turned soft.
Experiment with your favourite flavours and enjoy your tasty creation!


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