Bring Fall Fairs Home

‘Tis the season of fall fairs! This past Thanksgiving weekend marked the start of fall fair season for me. It’s tradition on the holiday Monday to always visit the fairgrounds with the family and enjoy all of sights, sounds and eats. We’d stuff ourselves full of food, then race to the next ride- mistake.

Herb Crusted Mushrooms

I love wandering through the cattle barns and seeing all of the animals. Aside from the calf’s, there are always horses, llamas, piglets, chicks, hens and chickens. We also make a point of seeing the Tractor Pull and really getting into the agriculture spirit!

Mushroom and Pork Souvlakia

The first thing we did when we got to the fair though was search out our favourite fair foods. For me, corn dogs are a must. Anything on a stick is deemed fair game for consumption. It’s the rule, I swear!

Portabella Tempura with Beer Batter

If you’ve missed your local fall fair, or simply want to carry on the joyous memories at home, these recipes will keep the smiles coming!

Which fair foods to you most look forward to?

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