Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: The Hot Plate Day 1

This is a day that we’ve been looking forward to for so long now! Brittany and I are in Toronto shooting some new recipe photos and cooking videos with Ontario Beef at The Hot Plate. Braving the road closures and this ‘polar vortex‘ that we’re in, nothing was going to stop us from these exciting two days.

Just to get a feel for the process, Amanda, Sabrina and their very capable team took us step by step through the recipe filming and photography. It’s quite impressive how quickly they can take a recipe from the ingredients on a table and turn it into a beautiful photograph of the finished dish.
We’ve chosen 10 new recipes to add to the vast recipe index on our website. Each of these new recipes feature a new concept that we’re thrilled to introduce this year around the idea of blending mushrooms and ground meat called Blendability.
Seeing these mouthwatering recipes come to life on the screen only moments after being shot is very surreal. We’re very excited to see what Day 2 with The Hot Plate team brings, but rest assured it will be delicious!
We’re excited to launch this new initiative in 2014! Watch for more posts on Blendability coming to the blog.
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