Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: The Hot Plate Day 2

After a whirl-wind, successful Day 1 at The Hot Plate in Toronto, we couldn’t wait for our second day of shooting to start! The team dove right in and got the ball rolling bright and early with Brittany and I snapping photos over their shoulders along the way.

The Hot Plate team was busy shooting footage for our 10 new cooking videos, each featuring the mushrooms and beef Blendability concept, and was also busy making us all very hungry!
The best part of the whole process certainly was the opportunity to taste these flavourful recipes. When lunchtime came around, we dived into some Blendability Penne Bolognese. Boy are we excited for you all to try these recipes!
Every recipe that was shot over the 2 days was the real deal and was entirely edible. As consumers, we always hear horror stories of food photo shoots and it’s not hard to believe when we compare the item to it’s photo counterpart. With this being my first foodie shoot, I was pleased to see the realism behind each photo and even happier when we could eat the leftovers!
With a great team of photographers on staff, all of the editing and cropping was magically done within seconds right before our eyes! How good does this Sloppy Joe look?!
I can not stress enough how excited we are to introduce this new initiative in 2014! Watch for more posts on Blendability coming to the blog.

Be sure to check out The Hot Plate! Find them online, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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