Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: Hamilton Food & Drink Fest

Another exciting weekend has come and gone! This past weekend Mushrooms Canada, joined by the ladies at Ontario Beef, attended the Hamilton Food & Drink Fest.

We were all very excited for the show, but even more excited to bring the concept of Blendability to you! This was our first show sampling delicious Taco Bites, made up of 60% Ontario Lean Ground Beef and 40% fresh Ontario Crimini Mushrooms.

With the launch of this campaign, also comes a brand-spanking-new website, recipes and cooking videos, check it out over at! Not only will you find 10 delicious recipes, but you can also learn all about the health and nutrition benefits of Blendability, as well as information on Food Safety, Ontario Beef Goodness and Fresh Mushrooms.
As those of you who got to sample the Taco Bites will agree, the Mushroom/Beef blend tastes great, but there are health benefits to the concept too! Blendability decreases calories in a meal, lowers saturated fat and cholesterol content, increases vegetable intake, adds flavour & boots umami. WOW!
Thank you to everyone who joined us in Hamilton and a big thanks to the amazing work of Brittany, Nikki, Amanda, LeaAnne and Bethany for making the booth so delicious!
If you’re in the Ottawa area, we hope to see you out this coming weekend for a Blendability sample! Find us at the Ottawa Women’s Show

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