Loco Moco by Crumb: A Food Blog

Autumn has set in and the leaves a slowly drifting down to the ground. We’re still having warm days, but the nights have turned chilly, letting us all know that sweater weather is upon us!!
Have you all had the chance to try Isabelle’s Creamy Stroganoff Meatball Skillet? It’s a one-skillet comfort dish that’s simple for weeknight meals.
She’s back at it, making great use of the Blend & Extend method, with this colourful Loco Moco recipe. Take a read over on Crumb: A Food Blog, and see why this dish should be added to your weekend routine. With these recipes, Isabelle has you covered all week long!
“Adding finely chopped mushrooms to the beef patties really takes this dish to another level – they add a serving of vegetables to the plate, layer in delicious earthy flavour, save you a few pennies, add a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and other nutrients, and best of all, cut down on fat and calories.”

Find the full recipe over at Crumb: A Food Blog and be sure to find Isabelle on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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