FBC2015 Appetizer Contest: Mushroom Deviled Eggs by Hot Stuff

We’re so excited with the number of submissions that came in for this year’s contest! So many, in fact, that we are even sharing one on a Saturday!! Irina of Hot Stuff submitted these fabulous deviled eggs, that are just perfect for weekend snacking, or backyard barbecues.

Mushroom Deviled Eggs
12 eggs, hard-boiled
20 white mushrooms, 5-7mm diced
1 large white onion, 5mm diced
4 T butter
salt and pepper, freshly ground
chives or green onion for garnish, finely chopped


Fry the onions in butter, until golden brown.
Add the mushrooms and fry on high, stirring frequently, until browned, and juices evaporated.
Peel the eggs and cut lengthwise. Scoop out the egg yolks into a bowl.
Add mayo, salt and pepper to the yolks and mash with a fork to a smooth paste.
Add mushroom mix to the yolks, mix, and stuff the egg whites, hipping.
Chill and decorate with the chives just before serving.


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For years, I have been following my family recipes, creating my own recipes and menus, recreating dishes from world’s greatest Chefs, and getting inspired by delicious food while travelling. My current recipe collection includes hundreds of recipes on anything from paper napkins to printed screenshots with scribbles and pasta sauce all over. This has to change. My plan is to take my paper box, and recipe by recipe create a colorful collection of my savory culinary adventures here, on www.HotStuff.recipes! Can’t thank enough my amazing family, who puts up with my crazy ideas and time away in the kitchen! That said, let’s get started. Bon Appetite!




Thank you to all of the bloggers who took part in our “Appetizer Spotlight” contest! The winning recipe will be announced on September 14th and will be featured at the Mushrooms Canada table at FBC2015 in October. See you there!



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