Behind the Scenes at Mushrooms Canada: Blogger Battle Cooking Segment

We’re back giving you a sneak peak, taking a look behind the curtain here at Mushrooms Canada!
Our team was on the road bright and early this past week, headed to shoot a television segment!! We spent our day at Toronto’s Monogram Design Centre & Cooking Studio, in a beautifully bright kitchen.


It’s wild to see all of the prep work that goes into a video shoot. The gear, lighting and cameras, the script writing and on-the-go edits, the hair and makeup, and preparing the perfect shots. Luckily, we were working with a very talented team! The whole crew was so efficient, capturing every angle, every option and providing great insight into a world that was very new for us!


We will touch more on the segment when it’s ready to air in December and will be sure to tell you when to watch! The video is definitely a fun one, I mean, who doesn’t love a little competition?!


We’re bringing two of our fantastic bloggers to the screen and pitting them in a head-to-head blogger battle! Brittany of My Daily Randomness and Carole of The Yum Yum Factor were ready to bust out their party-ready Blend & Extend recipes in an effort to win over our host, Stacey. The real kicker? Stacey isn’t even a mushroom-eater. She really was the perfect person to test out our method of blending mushrooms and ground meat. We know that it’s not just kids who can be picky eaters!!


Brittany prepared Blended Meatballs with a spicy aioli, while Carole gave her dish a more exotic flare, opting for Mini Jamaican Patties. And the winner…? You’ll have to watch to find out.
In the meantime, head over to and try these blended recipes for yourself!


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