Intern Initiation: The Journey Begins

As you may know by now, we have a summer intern here at Mushrooms Canada! Please join us in making Christian feel welcome. He’ll be a great addition to the team, lending his own voice and creativity to a fun, on-going series.

Hello everyone! My name is Christian and I am so lucky and grateful to be interning with the fine folks at Mushrooms Canada. I am doing things such as helping to run the association’s social media accounts, working on the website and of course, creating content for this blog!
770ChristianWhile my family has a long history with the Canadian mushroom industry, ironically, I have never really been one to eat mushrooms. This has given me an idea for a weekly blogging series, how far can I take mushrooms in my cooking? From trying recipes that we have previously shared, to creating my own recipes and spin offs, am I able to go from eating no mushrooms to eating dishes where they are the focal point?

I figured I would start off easy, something from the Blend and Extend recipes perhaps? I love tacos, they are usually a weekly meal in our home and the Beefy Burritos had caught my eye. What a perfect opportunity to begin my mushroom consuming journey, I thought! Besides, ground beef was on sale, so it was a win-win!770BuritoI started off by getting the meat cooking. While I had the beef frying up, I grabbed two handfuls of chopped mushrooms and chose to dice them by hand rather than blending (you will learn I’m not big on exact measurements). As the meat began to take a mostly browned state, I added in my mushrooms and gave a thorough stir. I then diced up two large handfuls of spinach and added that to the meat as well. Once the meat was fully cooked I added in a healthy dose of my homemade taco seasoning added about ½ a cup of water and mixed well before letting it simmer. I chopped up our favourite taco toppings and ta-da, taco night is rockin’ and rollin’.TacoMeat770I have to say, this was a great way to begin my mushroom eating journey. Not only did the mushrooms taste great and take on all the flavours and textures they were surrounded by, they increased the volume of tacos available for leftovers which is ALWAYS a goal in our home when meal prepping. All-in-all I would say that this recipe was a complete success!
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Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back next week as I take on a slightly more adventurous recipe and make it my own! You can also check out my previous blog HERE.



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